Timber Import and Export

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Trans Pacific Timbers Limited is a New Zealand company involved in the import/export/wholesale of Australian hardwood, New Zealand native, and exotic timbers. TPT is able to supply a range of Australian heavy hardwood timber for use in the electricity industry, as well as for wharf construction and any other projects which may require utilisation of this product type. Trans Pacific Timbers can also supply a range of native timber for the domestic furniture manufacturing market, as well as Radiata Pine timber for the general domestic and export marketplace.

Power Poles

timber power pole

Trans Pacific Timbers specialises in CCA treated hardwood poles and crossarms for the electricity and telecommunications industry. TPT supply poles that meet the wide range of climate requirements found throughout asia and the pacific region. Poles vary in size from 8m to 20m, and in strength from 8kn to 20kn. Likewise, crossarms are available in a diverse range of sizes from 75x75x1.0 up to 150x100x5.4. These can be supplied blank or drilled, with the option of gangplates on each end if required

Quality Statement

hardwood timber

The implications of a timber product not meeting quality expectations are far reaching, often resulting in pushed timeframes and associated penalties. TPT provide sound advice on product quality and are able to manage timber quality requirements for your project.

Whilst the quality of the product is important, far too few companies attribute significance to the quality of the supply service itself, even though timeliness and accuracy in this area has a direct impact on an implementation. TPT has years of experience in managing the complex, inter-dependent, procedures and entities that are the corner-stone of timber logistics. Covering the broad range of customs, biosecurity, tariffs and transportation requirements, this experience is essential in providing true end-to-end supply capability

Environmental Impact

environmental policy

Trans Pacific Timbers Limited is an environmentally responsible company. All timber supplied by TPT either comes from a managed sustainable source or is a renewable resource.

If required, a certificate to verify this will be supplied to any client.

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